Stuff Gun Owners Should Know: Transporting your pistol.

CA PC 25610 allows you to carry an unloaded, concealed handgun in a public place when it is in a locked container, and the transportation is for a  lawful purpose. A “locked container” is any container that is completely enclosed and secured with a padlock, key lock, combination lock or similar locking device. A “lawful purpose” is any purpose that is a legal activity with the firearm.  For instance, transporting it to a friends home to show it for sale is a “legal purpose”.  Obviously the transportation to the the range and hunting are covered by this law.

One thing to remember and I have heard a little bit about is the DOJ approved “container listing”.  This is an actual listing of approved containers for the transport of firearms.  I guess you could obtain the list and buy an approved container but there is no mandate to do this as long as you understand the definition of “unloaded” and “locked container”.

Of course obtaining a California CCW negates most of the laws for your firearms that are listed on your permit. As long as you stay within the rules and regulations of your permit you can carry that pistol loaded and just about anywhere (within reason) you want to in the vehicle or on your person as long as it remains concealed.  Remember that AB 231 and other new legislation stiffens the definition of “reasonable knowledge”  when it comes to firearm storage around children and therefore you must remain diligent.

Ted Lidie is the Senior Instructor at NorCal Firearms Instruction, Redding, CA.

Ted Lidie is not an attorney although he once played one in a game of charades.  This information is not intended to take the place of sound legal advice.  Only an attorney licensed to practice law in your state of residence can give you legal advice.  References to the CA Penal Code and other statutes are included so that you may develop your own personal research tools.

Two types of "locked containers"  recommended by Ted Lidie and NFI

Two types of “locked containers” recommended by Ted Lidie and NFI

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